photo of fire zone no parking sign

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial naturally takes fire safety and fire prevention very seriously, and you should too.  Watch the video below and listen to the audio files to learn more about how you can be safe and prevent unwanted fires from occurring. 


Listen to the following Public Service Announcements to learn more safety tips!

Brought to you by the 24/7 Fire Safety Program and Motorola Solutions Foundation.
 24/7 Fire Safety:  Keep Children Safe!

Learn about safety and the prevention of Kitchen fires:

Smoke detectors save lives. Play the audio track and learn more!

Space heaters: Learn how to keep warm and stay free of harm.


photo of smoke detector with batteryBe sure your home is equipped with at least one smoke detector. A smoke detector can save the lives of you and your precious family members by alerting you to a possible fire, giving you and your family time to exit your home.

Change the battery in your smoke detectors twice per year. Usually when the time changes from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time in the fall, and from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time in the spring serve as a good reminders to replace the battery in your smoke detectors.







Photo of Molly the Fire Safety Dog
Photo courtesy of the office of Arkansas Secretary of State

Meet Molly the Fire Safety Dog! Molly is a fire service dog for Johnson County RFD #1, Honorary Fire Marshal for the Little Rock Fire Department, and mascot for the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

Molly and other Fire Safety Dogs have been teaching children about fire safety since 2003. Molly and her friends have shared the fire safety message with millions of children.

Molly enjoys Skyping with children all over the world. Her chat sessions are free, and Molly and her friends would love to Skype with your school or organization.

Visit Molly and her friends at their website, FireSafetyDogs.com to schedule a visit via Skype. You can also keep up with Molly on Facebook!

The Fire Safety Dog program expresses our profound thanks to our partners at First Alert, with whom we have collaborated on projects since 2006, and State Farm, who has partnered with us since 2012.  Our thanks also go out to Skype In The Classroom for allowing us to be their partners and for all that they have done to help spread the word about our Fire Safety Skype program.

For more information on Molly and the Fire Safety Dog program, download our PDF

photo of fire extinguisher in useWhether indoors or outside, always be mindful of the potential risk of a fire starting unexpectedly. Be aware of burn bans in your area, discard of your smoking materials responsibly, and put out your camp fires completely. Be sure to carry a fire extinguisher with you on camping trips and when you're outside enjoying a fire-pit on a cool evening in your yard. Help keep Arkansas green and beautiful!




photo of beagle and fire hydrantOur four-legged friends historically love to take advantage of fire hydrants.  However, due to the emergency access required to fire hydrants that may occur any time of the day or night, it is critical that they remain unblocked by vehicles.  Don't risk getting a ticket, or having your vehicle towed away.  Never park near or block access to a fire hydrant!